Mausoleum and Columbarium

We are proud to announce that the construction of the mausoleum is complete. Families can now choose entombment and inurnment options in this stately building.

Designed to provide a beautiful and enduring place for families to memorialize their loved ones, the mausoleum offers a variety of options for both casket entombment and inurnment of cremains.

The mausoleum features 308 marble front casket spaces and 291 niche spaces for urns. On the interior of the building, the mausoleum features a niche library containing glass-front niches of varying sizes as an attractive and comfortable indoor option.

The exterior of the building features granite-front garden niches, as an outdoor option.





Interior Niches

Glass-front for urn viewing

Various niche sizes to accomodate different urn styles

Glass etching for memorialization

Garden Niches

Engraveable marble fronts for memorialization

Twenty-four hour accessibility

Why Choose a Mausoleum?

Entombment and inurnment pricing is competitive to that of in-ground burial

No vault purchase required

No need for expensive headstones or monuments

Allow families to attend services and pay their respects to loved ones despite inclement weather

Clean, secure and climate controlled building

Crypts and niches are easily accessible for all, especially the elderly and handicapped

No maintenance for loved ones

Why Purchase Burial Lots Pre-need?

Provide peace of mind knowing these arrangements are taken care of in advance

Avoid burdening loved ones with difficult decisions during their time of grief

Take advantage of no interest payment plan options

Reserve desired spaces to ensure family members are entombed or inurned next to one another

For more information or to schedule an appointment contact:

Jacki Connell

(412) 828-3434